How to Change Skin in Minecraft Java Edition

In-game customization is a feature that players and fans of video games will love to interact with it. It is available in many titles, one of which is Minecraft.

That leads to the question of how to change skin in Minecraft Java edition? New players will most likely not know about it just yet.

Even players who play it for a long time may not know about it because character customization is not their focus. This thing is nothing but simple to do in no time. One more thing about it, it is free to do.

Search and Download the Skin to Use

Among the things to do on this matter is deciding on the skin to use in the Minecraft world. Open up your browser and go to the search bar in it.

Type the keywords Minecraft skin and start searching. The search results will be a lot. Those skins are all accessible for free, most likely.

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It is better to find some of those available skins at once and save them. The look of the skin may seem not right upon downloading and opening it. There is no need to worry about that. It will look great once applied the right way.

Open and Log On Minecraft

How to Change Skin in Minecraft Java Edition

The next thing to do on how to change skin in Minecraft Java edition is to open and log on to the account in use. It is crucial to make sure that the credentials for this process are the right ones.

Problems on this part will make the process longer. Wrong email and password combination may compromise the account as well.

Find and Enter the Skin Tab to Customize

How to Change Skin in Minecraft Java Edition

After the login process, it is time to search and enter the Skin tab. Go to the top corner section of the screen to the email address you are using for the game.

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How to Change Skin in Minecraft Java Edition

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Hover over that section to display a drop-down list of menus. Click Profile on it, and then go to the Skin tab. That is where the skin customization menu for Minecraft players is available.

Applying the Skin from the Previous Downloads

How to Change Skin in Minecraft Java Edition

The next step on how to change skin in Minecraft Java edition is to apply the custom file itself. There are not many things to alter when it comes to this matter.

One thing to do at the beginning of it is to go for one of the available skin models. It is popular that the two models refer to the name Alex and Steve. Alex refers to the smaller model, and Steve is the classic model.

The models differ in a way that one is bulkier than the other model of the skin. It is more about personal preference for sure.
It is pivotal to match the skin model selection to the custom skin file to use later on.

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It means that skin for a slim model will not work in the classic model of the character. It is better to think about it before searching and downloading the skin to use in Minecraft.

After choosing one of the models, it is time to browse the skin file for the character. It is available in the Upload a Custom Skin menu under the Skin tab.

Once that menu opens a new window, click the Select a File button to browse for the downloaded skin file to use. After a skin file is selected, an Upload button will be available.

Click the button and wait for it to complete. In the end, it finalizes the processes on how to change skin in Minecraft Java edition. The new skin will be visible immediately.